Open E Course

The Open E Course is here to teach lap steel guitarists and Dobro/resonator players how to use this fascinating tuning in the most complex of ways.

The complete Open E Course will be found here on this index page, so if you're one of those players who itching to explore Open E, this is the only place you'll need to bookmark.

Click the links below to access all the lessons as they're written and uploaded on the site:

Open E Course Tuning

For the record, the chart above shows the Open E tuning that we're working with here. It's what I would call the Standard of Open E, and I make that distinction because as with all the tunings for this marvelous instrument we call the Non Pedal Steel, aka lap steel, aka Dobro, you've got just as many variations as players!

The following chart shows my recommended string gauges, which are the ones that I've found in the convenient GHS Open E string set pack (note that GHS calls them "Hawaiian" but this string set has absolutely NOTHING to do with Hawaiian music and the string sets work on both electric steels and Dobros):

E Major recommended string gauges:

E .013

B .020

G# .024p

E .032

B .042

E .056

Open E Course Lessons

The Introductory lesson is found here: Open E Intro Lesson

Basic chords in Open E are found here: Open E Chords


Many have asked for an Open E Course for lap steel and Dobro, and it's been a couple years in the making. So I've decided to upload those pages as they are completed right here for you to download, and enjoy. Thanks again for tuning in, drop me a line if you have any questions or comments.

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