Masters of Lap Steel Guitar

Our Masters of Lap Steel Guitar series honors the top players in the field...

Come here for inspiration, history, education and general entertainment.

We're very excited to be showcasing players that have had a personal impact on our playing, insights, and enjoyment of the lap steel and resonator guitar.

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Legendary for his pioneering of the artform and what eventually became the pedal steel phenomenon, Jerry Byrd deserves particular mention.

Acoustic and Electric lap steel master Barney Isaacs tells of his life and plays solo electric console in this short video clip from Hawaii.

Acoustic lap steel master Bob Brozman shows some amazing fingerpicking technique, in this short video clip of Hawaiian melodies played completely solo.

Cindy Cashdollar plays amazing electric and acoustic Dobro lap steel guitar. This video, which is part of her DVD entitled Dobro Variations - Explorations in Minor, Swing and Rockabilly Styles, shows close-ups of both of her hands while playing "Faded Love".

Billy Hew Len displays complete control over the instrument and is truly a Master of the Lap Steel Guitar.

Don Helms, who played Cold Cold Heart, is honored in our series, with a video soundtrack so you can hear the song.

Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys are synoymous with Western Swing and just great all-around music--featuring steel guitar. Listen and watch Wills singing "Sitting On Top of the World", with a hot non pedal guitar solo by Bobby Koefer.

We are all very fortunate that Herb Remington and his steel guitar legacy continues to this very day. Hear the man himself play Remington Ride in this live video from 2008.

New masters being added daily, check back every day for more!