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Lap Steel Guitar Lessons

Learn Hawaiian, Blues, Rock and Country Styles

Learn How To Master Songs In Various Tunings

C6, B11, A6, E 13, C 13, and more

OPEN tunings like G and E for Dobro and resonators

Learn the intro to Song of the Islands in the style of Duke Kamoku and His Islanders from their phenomenal album, Golden Hawaiian Hits Click here for the lesson, Part I.

PART II to the above lesson of Song of the Islands, found here.

"E13 Tuning" lesson with video detailing why this seemingly unrelated tuning sounds so much like C6!

"Basic C6 Lap Steel Guitar Chords" with TAB and notation. Find where your chords are on the C6 lap. Exercise and practice tips included!

"How To Tune To B11" is now available. Finally, a decent video essay on tuning your 6 or 8 string lap steel to this fantastic sequence of notes!

"Cold Cold Heart"

Style of Brozman Triplets for right hand fingerpicking, inspired by the Hawaiian melodies live video.

Acoustic lap steel master Bob Brozman shows some amazing fingerpicking technique, in this short video clip of Hawaiian melodies played completely solo.

Remington Steelmaster D8 console guitar review, Part I. Video features sound track audio file of Remington D8 live & solo.

Lap Steel Hammer-Ons/Pull Offs exercise in C Major. video lesson featuring 8-string console steel.

Lap Steel Slants video lesson

The Sand Tuning, includes live lap steel guitar band video and brief discussion of the best tuning to use.

String Change Tip video lesson to be used by all non-pedal and pedal steel guitarists...heck, all guitarists for that matter. Check it out next time you change strings....

C6 LOW (GACEGACE) tuning lesson, paying particular attention to the relationship of this popular 8-string tuning to the equally popular 6-string C6.

A6 tuning for 8 string lap steel guitar, and how it relates to the popular C6 high tuning. Find it here.

Finger picking #2, our second installment of a right-hand picking exercise .

Brand new lesson video with a right-hand finger picking exercise for daily warmups.

Here's a G Major Scale lap steel guitar lick in C6. This very lick is taken from the St. Louis Blues instruction DVD, which is chock full of these types of swing-blues-Hawaiian riffs.

Hotel C6lironia guitar solos transcribed directly onto C6 high 6-string lap steel tuning. Includes live performance.

Pentatonic Rock-Blues licks and phrases, played on 6-string C6 lap steel guitar.

"Cold Cold Heart" starts with the some really common two-note chords that you can use in every single song, as a chord or a lead phrase, you'll find the beginning of that very lesson DVD right here.

three different types of bar slides video.

You can use these Rock Blues Riffs on a lap steel OR a bottleneck slide guitar tuned to Open E Major (lowEBEG#BEhigh). Part II gives you the FREE TAB to these riffs for both types of guitar playing. Click the link for more information.

Here's a cool Blues Riff on the lap steel that works very nicely in Hawaiian music, notably of which is "Blue Hawaii".

A more detailed look at the tuning of a C6 (aka Am7) 8 String Lap Steel Guitar. Includes Discussion About Chords.

C6 lap steel guitar tuning for 6 string lap steels. Includes a discussion on the music theory behind this favorite tuning.

A Quick look at the the very basics of lap steels.

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