Jerry Byrd Plays Sand

The legendary Jerry Bryd plays Sand in this phenomenal performance taped in Hawaii...
Most steel guitar attangements of Sand use the B11 tuning {from lowest to highest: C#-D#-F#-A-C#-E for 6 string guitar and for 8 string: B-A-C#-D#-F#-A-C#-E}.

The instrumental section played here is the Key of D.

The band modulates to the Key of C just as the vocals are sung by Gary Aiko, at which time you'll notice that Jerry starts playing the outer neck, which is probably tuned using the Diatonic tuning.

The band in this clip includes these fine members of the Hawaiian music community:
  • Jerry Byrd - steel guitar
  • Hiram Olsen Jr, rhythm guitar and vocals
  • Dennis Keohokalole - ukulele and vocal
  • Gary Aiko - bass and vocal

  • Play Sand using the A9 tuning! Thanks to CC Johnson of the SteelGuitarForum for sending us the A9 Tab to Sand, which was sent to him by the legendary Jerry Byrd himself. We are honored to be able to offer you this amazing rendition of a great classic for lap steel guitar.

    The A9 tuning is as follows from lowest to highest: C#-E-G-B-C#-E for 6 string guitar and A-C#-E-G-B-C#-Efor 7 (&8) string guitar.

    Click here for the TAB Aloha & Enjoy!

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