Hotel C6lifornia

Upon a recent hearing of The Eagles Hotel California, it became somehow necessary that the guitar(s) solo be transcribed onto C6 lap steel guitar....

We filmed this in the middle of winter 2009, when it was so cold that all you could do was stay indoors and come up with esoteric steel guitar transcriptions.

But it's so much fun to play , especially to a backing track.

This entire guitar solo is played using the standard C6 lap steel guitar for 6 string (CEGACE lowest to highest).

Most of it is played using overdrive until the end, where it fades into a clean channel recording. The end section did not sound good distorted, thus the transition. But be sure that the entire piece is playable on C6.

The TAB to the argeggios at the end of the song can be found on this new page devoted to this transciption: Hotel C6

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