Hotel C6

Hotel C6, otherwise known as Hotel C6lifornia, started out as a personal desire to see just how far the C6 tuning for lap steel guitar could be stretched outside of its conventions.

Now some 35,000 Youtube views later and lots of emails asking questions about this piece, I've decided to offer up the CODA section as a lesson--mostly because it's a great workout in tuning your slants...and it was the only section that I actually ever TABbed out, the rest of piece--which encompasses the entire electric guitar solo to The Eagles' classic Hotel California--was played from memory.

I transcribed the entire solo by ear one afternoon during the winter of 2009, a cold, dreary day when all I wanted to do was be inside playing my steel.

To my complete surprise, the entire solo fit pretty nicely on the C6 tuning, and all the riffs were effectively able to be transcribed, including the beautiful arpeggiated chords at the end.

You'll be able to download the CODA section below as a PDF, but first a couple of notes on the piece.

C6 High

c6 high tuning

The tuning used for the TAB included below on this page is for C6 High tuning, which features a high g on the first string.

Now, I'm using this tuning here because it makes for a LOT less slants. You'll still find some intricate little chords in here that will surely test your ability to tune up your chords with a steel bar!

Just note that in the accompanying video, I'm playing the entire solo using the standard C6 tuning--CEGACE--and the arpeggiated section that we're talking about--the section with no distortion--was done using standard C6.

Fast forward right to the performance of this TAB by going to 2:13 in the video

Many of the chords that were needed to play this required triple cross string slants that made it VERY difficult to keep in tune, especially given that the video was shot the day I transcribed the piece, and really only represents about an hour of practice.

Suffice it to say, that the C6 High tuning makes this piece of the solo way easier to play, and easier to stay in tune. Plus now I've had a few years to practice it : )


hotel c6

The example above is pretty typical of what you'll find in the accompanying TAB, which effectively works out to be an excellent and beautiful arpeggio study.

Just pluck through the notes evenly and the rhythm pattern will emerge.

The right hand plucking pattern should be Middle-Index-Thumb, or using classical guitar notation m-i-p.

Triple Slants

lap steel rock

In the third measure is where things start to get interesting.

You'll see in the example above a triple slant that uses two notes on the 16th fret and a single note on 15.

It's a challenging slant, there's no doubt about it, but it can be done and all the notes here can be made to be in tune.

In fact this particular slant would be a good one to isolate and practice on its own.

Spend a couple minutes just making this little chord be in tune. Move the bar ALONG the line of the slant, forward or back, until your ear tells you that this chord sounds the way it should.

Depending on your bar--and we all know how many shapes, sizes and weights they come in--you'll have to move the tip either forward or back to keep the double 16th fret notes in tune, while successfully pinpointing the 15th fret note.

Like I said, this little section makes for a great study in slanting your bar, and once you work through it, will reward you with a gorgeous set of chords to play through, and better slants for ALL your other songs!


Well I hope you enjoy this little tidbit of what started out as a whim.

I do plan on creating a full lesson of the entire solo eventually, especially if there's positive feedback to that effect because of this lesson.

So as usual, drop me a line to let me know your thoughts, comments or requests, and I'll gladly respond.

Download the FREE tab to the arpeggiated CODA section of Hotel C6 here.

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